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Start Cards Individuals

To participate in the next edition of the Airborne March, you will need a valid start card. This card can be ordered here. Please read the instructions carefully.

When participating with a group, please go to Start cards Groups

Here you can order your Start Card directly via Ticketscript (see below). This a so called E-ticket.
If you get any errors, please send an email to or click on the 'question mark''.

Prices are 'all-in'; no transaction fees apply.




Here's how to order an e-ticket:
  • Your marching card is an e-ticket, which you can order directly by using the above form.
  • Please select the time/distance bar
  • Please select the amount of cards you need of the required distance and click on the 'buy'-button behind it. (you can alter the amount later if necessary)
    NOTE: Where it states: "KWBN korting": this applies to members of the Royal Dutch Marching Association only)
  • Check the amount ordered in the next screen and adjust if necessary and click the'continue to checkout'-button
  • Please enter the required data in the fields provided; each individual card requires the name of the holder; complete the form and click the 'continue'-button
  • Pay for the card(s) via the secured module (i.e. Mastercard/Visacard/other/iDeal*)
    * iDeal for Dutch citizins only
  • Upon confirmation of yor payment you will receive an e-mail with a link to your e-ticket
  • The e-ticket is in .PDF format only and readable with Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it here, free of charge.
  • Print out your e-ticket, size A4 in color or black/white and bring it to the start.
  • Upon entering the starting ground go straight to the start. You do not have to check in at the startdesk.
  • The barcode on the ticket will be scanned at the start, during the march at checkpoints and at the finish.
  • At the finish you will receive your medal when you hand in the form

Copying the form has no use; the barcode is unique. Using copied forms will disqualify you from attending the march.

No mobile tickets

Geen barcode gebruiken op uw mobiele telefoonDown- or uploading the barcode to your mobilephone serves you no purpose. If you do so, you will be redirected on the starting grounds for scanning and swapping this code for a paer version of the start card. This paper card is used at checkpoints and will be marked with a stamp or a cutting; this cannot be done on your mobile phone.

So save yourself time and just print out the e-ticket on paper (colour or b/w) and bring that to the march.


subject to changes without prior notice