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Travelling to Oosterbeek

Traffic measures in the Oosterbeek area

During the march several traffic measures apply to secure the safety of the participants and visitors. These measures do not only include no-parking zones but closing of roads as well to ensure a safe and clear passage for emergency services, ambulances, etc. The police will keep a close watch and obstructing vehicles will be removed at owners cost if necessary.

A detour applies for all normal traffic between Wageningen and Arnhem on the marching day. Make sure you calculate extra time. Traffic measures in Oosterbeek will apply as of 09:00 hrs (or earlier if necessary) and will be maintained until 18:00 hrs.. You are advised to use the designated parking areas and to follow instructions by policemen and traffic wardens.

We strongly advise you to use public transport to avoid traffic jams.

To Oosterbeek by bus:

  • if you take the bus from Central Station in Arnhem take line number 1 from BRENG, direction Oosterbeek and get off at the stop Weeninklaan/Stationsweg in Oosterbeek.
  • busses from BRENG, coming fromWageningen and going to Arnhem v.v., stop in Oosterbeek at Oranjeweg / Hartensteinlaan (line 51 & 352).
  • fare in these buses is payable with OV Chipcard or with one way RIT-ticket (Arnhem to Oosterbeek € 3,00 / Wageningen to Oosterbeek € 5,00)
  • special shuttle buses between Arnhem Central Railway Station and Oosterbeek ( return ticket € 5,00)
  • surfing to enables you to plan your trip from any place in Holland to Oosterbeek (or vice versa) by public transport, with routes, distances and timetables
  • when in Holland, dial 0900-9292 for the same with the help of an operator (€ 0,50 p/min.)

klik hier voor al uw reisinformatie of gebruik de QR-code met uw mobiele telefoon

To Oosterbeek by train:

Oosterbeek can easily be reached by train with an half-hour-service from Arnhem or Utrecht or any station in between on that line. Starting grounds are 10 mins. walk from Oosterbeek station.

On the marching day extra as wel as longer trains will run to and from Oosterbeek.

Extra stop trains

  • Each half hour from 7.30 hrs and 17.30 hrs stoptrains from  Ede -Wageningen to Arnhem.
  • Each half hour from 7.30 hrs and 17.30 hrs stoptrains from Arnhem to Ede-Wageningen.
  • All  Intercity trains between Utrecht-Arnhem v.v. between 08.00 hrs and 18.00 hrs will halt at Oosterbeek.


The International trains DO NOT stop at Oosterbeek, but do stop at Arnhem.

Train ticket with 20% discount can be purchased via

In case you want to use the full English version of the Dutch train ticket system (no discount) please click here

Parking NS stations
As well as at stations in Ede-Wageningen, Driebergen, Veenendaal/De Klomp as in Arnhem there is plenty of parking space for your car.


To Oosterbeek by car

All vehicles (except buses) intended going to the Airborne March will be directed to central parking areas outside Oosterbeek. These parking areas are located along the N783, north of Wolfheze (Wolfhezerweg) and the other west of Doorwerth along the N225 (Boersberg)

From here buses will take all participants to (and back from) the starting grounds in Oosterbeek.

Please follow the signs on the highways near Oosterbeek!

Please Note:

Where you leave the bus in Oosterbeek is the same place where to get on the bus again when returning to the car park.
Regular bus stops (Breng) will not take you back to the car parks.

For the use of the car park, together with a return bus ticket to the starting grounds, a fee of € 10,00 per car is applicable.

These car parks are open between 06.00 and 20.00 hrs.



  • The Dreijenseweg and Schelmseweg into Oosterbeek are closed as from 07.00 hrs(am)
  • Please follow instructions given by police and traffic wardens.